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Gearless SG30

GEARLESS SG30 is a gearless traction machine for elevators and lifting platforms with maximum capacity up to 2000 kg.
Several options and special versions are available upon request.


395 Nm (S3 40%)

Power Range
(min - max)

4,1 – 13,9 kW

Static Load

34,3 kN – 3500 kg


2000 kg

Nominal Motor Voltage

360 V – 208 V

  • Bedplate
  • Pulley Protection
  • Ventilation Kit
  • Kit Rescue
  • Encoder Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Service Cable
  • Terminal Box With Side Application
  • Brake Power Supply
  • Release Levers
  • Levers for Brake Hand Release with Remote Operation
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Unpacking gearless machines SG series

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Nip guard gearless machines SG series assembly instructions

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Encoder and brake replacement gearless machines SG series