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Geared SV110

GEARED SV110 is a game changer gearbox for modernisation projects.
SV110 is equipped with key components from the proven SH110 model, ensuring quality, outstanding performance and extreme competitiveness. With a maximum capacity of 450 kg, a maximum speed of 1 m/s and a maximum static load of 2000 kg the new SV110 is highly versatile and efficient in all situations.
Two reduction ratios, 1/55 and 1/43, and three different traction sheaves, 480mm, 520mm and 600mm. The vertical mounting allows to take full advantage of the space available without the need to choose the sheave side.

Maximum Static Load

19,62 kN – 2000 kg

Maximum Capacity

450 kg

Reduction Ratio

1/55; 1/43

Oil Capacity

2 l

Power Range

50 Hz > 4 poli VVVF ÷ 4kW 50 Hz > 4 poli VVVF ÷ 5,5 kW 60 Hz > 4 poli VVVF ÷ 4,4 kW 60 Hz > 4 poli VVVF ÷ 6kW