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Sicor area clienti

SICOR provides its customers with a web app, a digital tool that can be used from various devices to obtain all the latest information on SICOR traction machines.

  1. Access to all machine data
  2. Download of manuals and instructions
  3. Warranty verification
  4. Easy-to-use web app

Simply enter the serial number on the number plate in the editable field to obtain, in real time, all the information needed to identify the machine, its authenticity in the first place, and then the technical information useful for the intervention.

Consultation allows access to the date certain of production and therefore to obtain information on the guarantee provided for that type of machine or on any guarantee extensions obtained from revisions of the part.

You also obtain information on adjustment parameters that allow you to optimise operation during installation or maintenance.

The data sheets, in pdf format, can be downloaded or printed out for quick reference in assembly instruction manuals, to obtain warranty certificates and declarations of conformity for different countries of destination.

SICOR also provides links to video tutorials, which are always up-to-date and exhaustive, to facilitate understanding of the most technical and delicate steps that can be encountered when installing new machinery.


  • Quick access to traction machine data and documentation by entering the serial number
  • Authenticity check
    Warranty expiry date check
  • Adjustment data retrievable as required
  • Documentation, manuals, declarations, certificates, instruction videos always available and up-to-date
  • No dedicated App download: data usable from any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop)