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Sicor gearless machines, consisting of a permanent magnet synchronous motor with internal rotor, traction sheave, safety brake and encoder, have been designed for installations without a machine room where compactness, silence and comfort in the cabin are essential features. Given the wide range of traction sheaves and accessories available, they are also a good answer for installations with a machine room and retrofits.

The current range, which covers rated loads of up to 3500kg in 2:1 roping for car speeds of up to 3m/s, includes both drive side and central traction sheave models, specifically designed for systems with cantilever arches and gauges guided and reduced headrooms.

The Sicor range of gearless traction machines is characterized by a wide range of traction sheaves with machinable groove profiles to customer specification, ensuring the selection of the correct machine to suit any application.

The numerous accessories, including different types of absolute encoders, cable types/lengths (for motor power, accessories supply and encoders connection to inverter), brake release levers for both MRL and MR solutions, traction sheaves/pulley protectors and frames, allow it to be used in compliance with current standards.