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Geared machines are the type of traction machines for rope lifts that Sicor has been producing since its foundation. Our geared machines are today a point of reference for their high silence and sturdiness, equipped with internally produced asynchronous motors, with single and double polarity. Continuous updates allow us to raise our quality standards punctually and to better satisfy the numerous and differentiated needs of the market.


The current range covers  rated loads up to 5500kg in 1:1 roping for car speeds up to 4m/s. The historical models such as MR12, MR21, MR26 and MR35, suitably modified to meet market demands, have been joined by the SH series designed mainly for modernization, where simplicity of maintenance, quick installation and easy disassembly and reassembly to facilitate transport operations are essential requirements. The SH series machines, with their maximum compactness and the numerous options available, are also an excellent solution for new installations.


The Sicor range of geared traction machines features a wide range of traction sheaves with machinable groove profiles to customer specification, ensuring that the correct machine is selected to suit any application.


The numerous accessories including traction sheave/pulley guards, frames, microswitches to check the positioning of the high speed shaft brake shoes, safety brakes to be assembled on the slow speed shaft, allow it to be used in compliance with current standards.

Sicor motors for lifting solutions Gearless SG SGS

The SICOR gearboxes production range allows applications for load capacities up to 5.500 kg in 1:1 suspension, speeds up to 4m/s with traction sheaves from 320 to 885mm.
Numerous special executions and options are available on request.